Why We Are Worth the Schlep

The NOVA Tribe Series is different in that incorporates the following elements:


1. 6 signature programs

We  love a good happy hour like the rest, but sometimes you just want to connect to others and get more involved in the community in a non crowded room.  We want to be known as the well-rounded kid in class and our innovative programs like Murder Mystery Shabbat and Let’s Roll: Sushi Making & Sake Tasting will always be worth the schlep.

2. Events that foster community and engagement among members and encourage helping others in need

Maybe you are new to NoVA and are looking for a group to hang with or to celebrate Shabbat and the holidays with or maybe you moved back to the area and want to expand your social circle beyond high school and college friends. Maybe you are looking for new volunteer opportunities or want to grow professionally. We are here to bring together Jews of Gen X and Y— unaffiliated Jews, Jews that live in the city, out of the city, Fairfax County, Loudon County and everywhere in between.

3. A NOVA Newcomer Program

We know everyone is not always gung ho about showing up to a room full of new faces and sometimes this area’s middle name is transient, so we created the NOVA Newcomer Program for those that are new in town or may be hesitant to just show up to an event.  Our NOVA newcomer coordinator is here to help you get acclimated to the suburbs, introduce you to others in a similar situation and make sure you make it to an event already seeing a familiar face.

4.  Events that provide networking opportunities between community leaders and young adults

We are here to help strengthen the Northern Virginia Jewish community and we want to bring people to organizations and organizations to people. In the future we will host a kick-off speaking engagement and networking event that will bring together community leaders and NOVA Tribe members to mingle and learn more about our upcoming leadership and mentoring series.

5.  A one-for-one promotional marketing model

We like the TOMS shoes one-for-one model so much that we decided to put our own spin on it to help us stand out.  Coming this year, buy our “schlep” bag and for every bag sold we will donate a  or  to those in need in the community.  Schlep in style and schlep for literacy. More mitzvah points for you AND we bring you even better events.

6. A leadership seminar series for suburban young professionals

The Greater Washington Jewish community has held some great leadership series for Jewish young professionals in the past; ours will focus specifically on outreaching to NOVA residents by hosting seminars in our area and featuring topics that are relevant to our local community. We aim to educate young professionals about NOVA Jewish organizations they can directly get involved with and give participants opportunities to expand their leadership skills and work with mentors.

7. Navigates NOVA sprawl

Major issue on our radar—-transportation. We know everyone does not have a car, 66 is constantly backed up during the work week, and Northern Virginia is more spread out than the city.  We will work to eliminate the transportation issue by having most events be metro accessible, start events at later hours during the work week, and create a carpool ride system or rent a local bus. 

8. A home for the Tribe

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to sit on the highway for 50 minutes, take 2 metro lines and walk 4 blocks just to get to a Friday night Shabbat service or take a challah making class? In the future, we will attempt to create a central hub and meeting space for Jewish young adults to congregate in Northern Virginia.

9. A blog highlighting places to play and ways to give back to the Northern Virginia community

We get this a statement a lot, “Why do you live out in the suburbs? There is nothing to do there!” We are here to change the stereotype that living in Northern Virginia equals a boring weekend of hanging with families among endless rows of trees.

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